Monday, June 18, 2012

Oysho bikinis 2012

Oysho bikinis 2012 I really like the new 2012 Oysho bikinis ! The new collection of bikinis and beachwear Oysho is full of trends!

I want you to see the new 2012 bikinis Oysho "newcomers" in their stores! And it has new designs Oysho swimwear to go to the beach and the pool :).

Bandeau bikinis Oysho new, new push up, new panties, colors and patterns!
Oysho bikinis 2012

Now you notice, the retro style is one of the strongest trends for this summer Oysho 2012. Bandeau bikinis Oysho new (14.95) filled with retro style and panties (11.95) of every kind, not only in Brazil, also higher Oysho panties!

Oysho bikinis 2012

Oysho is proposing bikinis for this 2012 with a very minimal and understated style, like these two new designs monocolor bandeau. I must say that I love the bikinis without prints, although I like to combine parts of different colors to combine well.

Do you like these bikinis with bandeau neckline in? They cost 14.99 and you have different models of panties to choose from, and is reminiscent of the Oysho bikinis sold each piece separately!

Oysho bikinis 2012 Oysho also has patterned bikinis! There are two new designs with floral pattern and geometric print. Do you like? Also the top and panty costs 14.99 11.99.

Oysho bikinis 2012

As you can see the push up bikinis and bandeau type take a lot this summer, and as you can see Oysho has many options and colors of the moment!

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