Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prepared, fashion, and! A style for every holiday

They're here on vacation, the beach, bikinis ( the best and I will shew the o). The lucky ones go, others stay and every fashionista arises what should I wear? and especially what's in my bag?.

Fjords on board

Will that almost albino melenón what brought me memories of the Fjords? One option for hyper wearable anywhere and vacation.

A trip through Tuscany

Trot trot you nonstop. Your destination is a monumental, the very Florence, Rome and then Tuscany. You'll be back and forth, visiting, traveling and photographing all monument divine / human (if found) you catch. What's better than the proposal of The Style Visitor?

Surf in USA

And if the look of Four Hundred Beats as you pointed me to the Beach Boys, California and surfing and your destination is from Maui, Hawaii or Fuerteventura how about tie dye print and many waves?

London Calling

Touch hair down to get into the nightlife of the city to visit or where you are, did a New York, a London or Paris? . Nothing like the styling of The Style Visitor.

On the farm of my uncle ...

I'll take of a more relaxed, you are to walk around the farm, a countryside or the field and see slowly but surely how horses trot on the farm of your husband, how the sun sets and rises and how animals are by your side because reflex unconcern as Eve Gore.

I love blogging

It will be a hot, blistering and you blogging all that's wrong, and between each social network you need comfort with a fashion touch, you will not catch disheveled and informal. Great Tricia.

Photos | Hanna Luise The style visitor , Tricia go sintian , Schirin , Evegore , The four hundred beats

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