Friday, June 8, 2012

Put a pair of crochet in your closet, come out winning!


Last year, the day he premiered the Forever 21 store in Barcelona , I fell in love (and I did) with simple crochet shorts giving the effect of miniskirt. I did not know if I was going to get much, but at the end of summer gave my verdict: it was the most profitable purchase of the year. Cheap, durable and wearable for all occasions.

Well, today I can say that this garment is the most in demand for this season: all firms have already launched their own version. And the bloggers and show him their personal pages. With shirts, jerseys, boots or sandals. And is that as I have said, marry it.


A fact that I like? Mixing this model so romantic and 'good girl' with a leather jacket 100% rock.


Do not want to complicate your life much? No matter, combine them with a simple black shirt and outfit will achieve a simple, fresh and divine. What more could you want?


But if you prefer, you can also mix with a white shirt and steamy: no matter what day you try to mix and get a result of more favorable.


But so far I have shown in off-white designs. And with a little color? And why not? This is demonstrated by the main character of Neon Blush: lime green for your version.


And you've got your pair of shorts in crochet?

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