Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sara Carbonero looks at Euro

sara coal
We all know who was more witty reporter of Sesame Street, who also have most desired is the host of the Euro. Not that is hot, anyone or anything in particular stand out for good or bad, but Sara Carbonero is so haunted by her beauty but for her choice in clothing. And today, immersed in full mourning for the Euro , have to talk about the styles with which delights its followers.

We start by styling very Carbonero: skinny jeans, basic tones and comfort with which we reveled in a party of our selection, we faced Italy. The oversized blazer is Maje and wedges are Hakei. Is an option right and comfortable.
In full fatigues and Sara currele shows a jacket with leather sleeves that sounds we do not?. We assume that he wears and looks she is the clone of Zara and has starred in many posts.
sara carboneto
She is the center of attention. Mine not captured by your style, but she always gets the goal and manages to be the most stylish with very little.

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