Thursday, June 14, 2012

A short, one outfit. It gives the appearance that you want to your look


The shorts. A basic and simple piece that can not fail in our closet both summer and winter. And that is their ease and great results we get from them cause they are a fundamental part of our day to day. Glam tops for air, cotton shirts to take our side esport ... How are you feeling today? They will help you channel your mood. Get them!

One of the formulas appealed this season is that of frayed shorts combined with neon accents. And the view is the result: impeccable. Although another formula that I like is to use mini shorts and combine them with items like a cardigan maxi wide. This can only be seen at night when the temperature drops a bit and need something to keep us warm. What do you think?


Flats please!

With the heat more than ever, my feet asking for mercy. So the day I choose to make your wishes come true. Sandals, sneakers, oxford ... Anything goes! The best part? They carry a charm with the garment in question. Example? This where the sandals dyed with colors yankees marry the whole outfit.


If you want a simple outfit without garments combines these 'lifetime'. A blouse, shorts and shoes just like that. All together the equation 10. Do not you think?


And finally we do with the more 'punk'. Shorts rolled up, victory and biker jacket. Most!


Which do you prefer?

Photos | Vintage Process , One of Each , Ebbas Foton , Lisa Place , Maffashion
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