Friday, June 29, 2012

¿Shorts smooth or patterned? Olivia Palermo opted for both


With the arrival of warm weather and rising temperatures are liberated from our legs stockings, leggings and pants to show sunlight. To this end we opted for dresses, skirts or shorts. And the latter are a vital piece to Olivia Palermo , and then it every single week on his personal blog. The question is, do you like more prints or smooth? She will not be declined by any side, so that shows two completely different options. Which do you prefer?

While the first option is based on animal-print clothing combined with smooth and simple as a silk blouse, the second option is also ideal. Alone can achieve great styling thus: his charm makes everything it touches becomes a hit. This brings an outstanding thanks to high-waisted shorts in black combined with a simple nuclear electric blue jersey and a short blazer.


What option you stay?

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