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Sixtieth anniversary of Chloé: the girl is refusing to grow old

chloe Attitudes

When we talk about Chloe seems we are talking about a young firm, new, especially for its fresh proposals, lightweight, easy to carry, suitable for people of all ages, but we find a firm that in September this year fulfills 60 years. Any grandmother who refuses to grow old, and celebrate the anniversary with a major exhibition called Attitudes Chloé, Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris. An exhibition that brings together drawings, photographs and clothes of nine great designers who have gone through the firm. The exhibition will also feature an online version to be released in October. And while the goal of Attitudes Chloe is looking into the future, what better time to remember the big hits in the history of Chloe.

Big names

What has made ​​as big a signature Chloé is the body of the designers who have gone through it. Since its founding, Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion, to which we owe the term Prêt-à-porter (the firm's objective was always to make luxury accessible and adapted very well to the revolutionary spirit and rebellious years 60), through Karl Lagerfeld (who dressed in the 60's and 70 great women like Jackie Kennedy defining signature style), up to Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo, which modernized the French house in the late 90's and early century.

chloe campaign


I've always been partial to this brand (my nickname is in her 50% and 50% to Chloë Sevigny). Often set trends, but still hold up pretty well their designs over time. I love her femininity, her sexy style without excess, freedom and abandon that off the clothes, and evocative of their campaigns. A Chloé we owe in part that for years the uniform of the Red Carpet (and hence the uniform of the marriage) is a long dress with straps in bright colors.

chloe campaña2

Today we all have a white dress cut lingerie with lace or transparencies. But the brand has made exceptionally romantic and beautiful throughout the years.

chloe natalie portman

chloe white dress 2

chloe white dress

Personally, I caught a lot a collection made for a power vacuum. The spring 2007. Phoebe Philo left the firm to take a maternity leave (and return triumphantly Céline's horse) and even the Brazilian Paulo Melim Andersson took over the team of designers created a delightful collection firm , babydoll dresses replete with profusely decorated with rhinestones, with a very retro color scheme that I totally fell in love. It was a collection ninguneada by critics but won among the famous. Fashion is that I've always thought "give me a nice dress and let the stories." Is a frivolous.

chloe spring 2007 campaign

chloe campaign primavra 2007 2

During the time that all bags should be a bag it and all had their first and last name, Chloe handbags created several pedigree: Edith (my favorite for its timelessness), Paddington (with big padlocks, surely you remember because it was copied and cloned into infinity and beyond), the Bay or Paraty.

chloe edith

This exhibition will unite even more the image of Chloe to Paris. A must.

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