Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spain vs. Ireland: a face to face difficult


Today, we have football. And as we did the first time, the 'teams' consisting of bloggers are also the faces. Spain vs. Ireland. And for this we only need to blogger Zina (it is Greek, but lived in Spain for some years) and Anouska, the Irish girl best known in his country. Similar styles, enviable beauty and a waste of savoir faire incalculable. So they, so the match is close. Which do you prefer?

Both have a similar style and all you get them feels great. It's not a matter of having good body or anything like that (although we are not going to cheat and yes, help), it's the attitude we have in front of the camera that makes them so special. You know what that says style can not be bought. I am one who thinks you're born with it, but over time you'll refine as you make mistakes.


Although lovers of basic colors like black or white, a trendsetter as they can not ignore the bright colors and fluorine for this summer 2012. And it is as good fashion victim, fashion down pat still bringing it to its field staff. What convinces you more?


The black is a very important part in the wardrobe of both bloggers, although one more than in the other. This shade is elegant, classic and more of you out of trouble, and they know it.


Who wins this match as equal?

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