Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Styled gone to his head, will you be the queen of the streets?


Recently, the simple style is what you get. It's the most comfortable when going out and bloggers show us that very little is perfect. but sometimes want a little more glamor, getting on the heels and chic clothing combined. Yes, the simple style is fine but we must not forget and ignore the working style. And today I show you some examples that I could not help overlook.

They all have something special to wear on a special occasion or just when the body we ask for more. When not know what to get for a wedding ttend we must keep in mind the monkeys: they give you the strength, vitality and originality needed to be the center of attention (not get the prominence it deserves the bride). It's a simple look to combine fresh and most comfortable. Although maybe tomorrow we get up with the ladylike style to maximum power. What to do about it? Look at the star of Viva Luxury: she is the spitting image of this style.


If we feel like a Hollywood star can also soothe our anxieties with an ultra glam look: crochet shorts, blouse and pamela steamy make us look authentic divas. yes, you should bear in mind that this supplement will focus all eyes on you, so if you want to go unnoticed do not resort to it.


White to black I love it. It is always a combination that helps you achieve great results. Especially if you choose clothes in white and against this key subtractions as pure dark supplements. Example? The star of Lustt for life, combining both tones to perfection.


And what I have said many times, am one who loves neon colors in the supplement. And if there is a supplement that triumphs in this key today is the famous handbag Satchel Bag. With a black and white outfit will do this add the star of your outfit.


What girl do you prefer?

Photos | Luxury Living , Instinct dress , Lustt for life , Nicola, Claire , Miss Pouty
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