Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To work in short

Tine short

"Formality little, but it lasts." If we follow the guidelines of the father of Nacho Vegas 'The Angel Simon' farewell to summer comfort in working with high temperatures, goodbye to the short format. We return to the disadvantage that not all posts are allowed sets like these, but others, and we are not going to miss them.

Nor should it reach the excess decide to combine modernity and a denim miniskirt with a shirt taken from the male wardrobe and cut according to taste shown below the skirt. Details of style that grates.

Sun shorts

Halfway between the street one day and one more option to work for a cloudy day as some new. A fine knit jersey colors and detail that gives a whole different air, with Zara shorts you might get tired of seeing.

Adela short

The nude shorts H & M Adela S combined with a blouse with minimal spatter stains that appear next to an American brush with the cuffs turned to join so many others these days .

Sofie capri

Given the choice of lynching to do with anger that many of these shorts or miniskirts in your work do not match the wildcard leave the public with whom I cover the back so you do not call me brave or risky. Sofie V. is stylish and will to basics, with a gray blazer with Lacoste capri pants in white Filippa K. Mix masculine and feminine touch with the American and water.

Photos | Storlos Andrea Tine , Sun J , Adela S , Sofie V
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