Thursday, June 7, 2012

Undecided ¿? The celebrities look now! trends in their bikinis

We have the best selection of low cost bath of the season , the heat in our cities and looking forward to summer arrives. What are we waiting for test bikini? Yes it is a horror, every summer when shopping may we fear most. We stop and look at how celebrities look and swimwear trends 2012.

Sherbet sweet

Doutzen Kroes could not be more perfect in her face, her figure and her smile and she shows before anyone else to take the colors of summer sorbet is a great idea. We've talked a thousand times of how the cakes are the most fashionable color combination this season but let's not just for clothes. Why not a bikini top with mint green panties in vanilla?

Fluorine baby

Do we take the fashion costs fluoride in our clothes or accessories? So go slowly and what better to wear it on the beach and tanned skin. Kim Kardashian knows how to be harnessed and also how to shine more bright orange.

Three in one

Ibiza is a paradise for celebrities bound and she can see the trends of 3 in 3 as the present case. In a bath of music and celebrity we saw Soraya Arnelas with Elena Tablada and Elizabeth Reyes. None of them interests me stylistically but bathroom trends: Missoni print, turquoise and Arapahoe Indian.

In contrast

I love the contrast bath. Play to dislodge the parts of a bikini and combine with each other without apparent connection in color or pattern. Ana Fernandez also chooses the trends and triumphs.

Whole body

And true. View in Ibiza a couple of times, the models of Michael and Miriam Javier Perez is having a jealousy of the evil and insane. She despite her great body and noviazo opts for a swimsuit bicolor.

Nude, nude love you

It's bold and say that I decantare by this trend. Take the color nude in the bathroom has two drawbacks, you look like naked and just feel good if your skin is tanned. Michelle Rodriguez dares, and has no evil.

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