Friday, June 15, 2012

Want a Tom Binns necklace? Just as good is the option of Zara

Necklaces-neon-Spring-Summer 2012 Tom Binns Necklace Elle Vietnam

Arguably, Tom Binns is the firm that is having more luck in recent seasons. Thanks to the neon trend that comes pounding in recent collections, the firm, whose most characteristic line is composed of its distinctive and colorful neon necklaces are selling more than ever, and little by little, low cost firms are added to Cart .

Necklaces-neon-Spring-Summer 2012

Zara included in recent weeks to its collection of accessories these neon necklaces you can find in yellow or pink, and this other model in greens and oranges that also have some role in silver chains.

Necklaces-neon-Spring-Summer 2012

Another option that has been going around for the blogosphere is this necklace a few months short of H & M and other neutral pieces in yellow neon.

It may be an alternative for those who do not want to go too flashy but they do want to fashion neon sign.

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