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The Way We Asturias Life Fashion 2012, a date on fashion

Way we life Parade Maria Lafuente. Photo: Chloe.

The trend remains popular amazing growth in recent years, this has finished resulting in the museum culture that we are so obsessed and in the professional world of events that seek to address this phenomenon from different points of view. The first edition of The Way We Live Asturias Fashion 2012 held this weekend started with that premise: a new appointment in northern Spain.

The Way We Live was an interesting event in the first edition of continued growth can be a good date to address the current fashion in some quarters. If top is in a city like Gijon, Spain my favorite, even better.

These are some of the most repeated findings, from the Twitter of Jared was covering every panel, there you can read some interventions in more detail, and the event page you can see the different videos :

The importance of personal style

Parade Maria Lafuente.

The personal style of the bloggers is the latest phenomenon that became fashionable a few years ago and focuses the attention of the public good and therefore marks the end found in this way a new way to get to consumers. The Way We Live In We could see a good representation of this type of bloggers, with Juliett Kuczynska, best known for Maffashion, the image of the event.

The main idea that this kind of bloggers emphasized in its various interventions is to move and adapt to the street fashion, trends can be seen in fashion shows, magazines and brands so that the reader achieves see how to carry it.

Internet and frantic renovation

Internet has long since shifted much of the consumption and performance of some sectors. Fashion is in a constant renewal where the frenetic pace may prove to be excessive and therefore harmful to fashion. This idea was common in several panel discussions, including I prefer the "New patterns in the way people consume Fashion", in which participation Amaya Arzuaga, Pedro Mansilla, Leonor Watling, Alejandro Pelayo and Monica Lamb.

The change in consumption led to an insane pace has resulted in trends burned before stepping off the catwalk, in large textile chains against which the small designers can not cope and as an alternative have to focus their work to other product more traditional, minority and quality, which, logically, be more expensive.

The end consumer is the one who goes through cash and in many cases, more raw economic factors that the quality factor, because tomorrow may be substituted for the fashion of rapid consumption by another. Of course there is also a sector that is looking for more than a large piece of string. It is this to which young designers have to come and offer interesting products.

The same applies to the small shops at street level, which also had its dedicated space. These have to be able to transmit a special shopping experience to the customer, it receives a differentiating factor when buying them instead of others. Whether from the window to the inside of the store, from dealing with the consumer to the product specialization. Adapting to online trading is key when looking for the opening of new markets and avoiding the stagnation of local sales. Only the theory in these cases is more beautiful than the practice, which does not always work and is the result of much work over time.

Josechu Parade Santana.

Content, advertising and social networking

Parade Carlos Silveira.

Although at times the debate should focus on two points which attract strong magnet, such as the "clash" between blogs and magazines of all life or independence of a blogger receivable, managed discussions reflect other ideas that have made Some blogs have grown so much and the conclusion is basic content, but quality content. And when it comes to quality spoken in relation to the reader, who ultimately decides whether or not consuming, not a being who sees everything. Is the reader who is making his support grow to blogs, whether general fashion, personal style of several recommendations.

Advertising remains the dragon to fight. In 2012, yes. The vision of the blogger for many remains of that person must work for passion and when advertising will come independence. A shame because without compensation from advertising will not be a more professional which would lead to the improvement of many contents.

Social networks are shown as the Gold Route which become rich. You can get rich, yes, but you have to assess whether they have the potential to do so or if it compensates. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more are constantly being updated every day. Possible shots in the air against a specific efficiency.

Parade Cristina Pascual.

Performance MIAMIO Rinnovare collection.

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