Friday, June 15, 2012

What would the SATC girls in real life? These bloggers show us


There has indeed been the series of the decade, a leader in fashion and as far as changing television is concerned. Sex and the City was a before and after take the concept of fashion. At least for me. It is thanks to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha I noticed that the clothing is to brighten the days. And with a little risk and humor can dress beautifully. Open your mind and see beyond the clothes. And every time I give a tour of the international bloggesfera always do a game: who would play who? Sometimes the similarities are few, but other influences are evident. Although this group of girls is one and only ...

Carrie Bradshaw

The most loved, adored and imitated by all. Who has not dreamed of Mr. Big? At least I do every night before going to sleep. But the fact is that she was the center of attention. Why? For risk until full and always graceful exit from their looks impossible. It is hard to find girls who dare as much as she did so, and that real people are not prepared to meet a Carrie Bradshaw of the flesh. But some risk with that of the prints and accessories.


And while the motley mix in bright colors and daring prints were his strong point, skirts flying also had an important role in their day to day. Yes, this look is missing that touch Bradshaw, but it's just great ...


Miranda Hobbes

The lawyer and the most serious. Lived in Brooklyn and shirts were part of his life. Suit-jacket, pants and an air clamp busy in a woman who enjoyed a strong personality.


But despite being the most 'serious', the prints had a hole in your life simple, elegant clothing like a dress / shirt.


Samantha Jones

The sexiest of all. Sassy, ​​funny and openly. That was Samantha Jones. The tight dresses were his second skin. Women take up arms, not afraid of anything.


So much so that 'they will say' was not in his plan of life, which is why seeing this look (xcept for a few details like sunglasses) I thought directly into it.


Charlotte York

Charlotte and her current classicism. Queen of ladylike and large companies such as Prada or Louis Vuitton. The truth is that my personality goes with it, but seeing these girls make me want to have some of your closet.


And, who said he could not be present classic and young people?


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