Thursday, June 28, 2012

When water bloggers! They also teach us how to look at the sun

Who does not hate the operation bikini? The blinding lights prove under our skin and white, wanting to take away from there or from there. The bikini decide what feels good ... well, that we have seen in the best low cost bikinis of the season . Do we need ideas on how to show off?

We have the first option, that of Kelleyash who shows us how a trend previously impossible, top and bottom uncoordinated, and is imposed and the most ideal. A hippy touch please!
I hate her bikini blonde mix of triangle with Prada glasses baroque collection. I too have fallen, I confess, I and dozens of bloggers that do show picture photo as well.
Nillin prefer to walk on the wild side and we fully adentras west. A perfect combination for those cities that refreshes and the beach we go direct to any appointment.
Cheyenne has my favorite trend, fluorine. What better than to leave it on all accessories and swimwear? The question is not exaggerating, but wear it in small strokes.
And one last example that the swimsuits are not at all outmoded and feel so well and are as sexy as the best bikinis, at least Kelleyash. Everything depends on the neckline and front and rear shot.

Photos | Kelleyash , Nillin , I hate blonde , chanel meets Cheyenne

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