Monday, June 11, 2012

When you have the feeling yankee in your head, think of Free People


Americans are very proud of their colors and their flag above is something we know from the beginning. That's why it's not hard to find the streets people there wearing shirts, jackets or pants with their colors. Something here does not happen very often and if it happens look with strange eyes. That's life! And why I tell you these things? Because our beloved signature Free People has decided to launch their new lookbook inspired by their homeland: USA .


Thus t-shirts, blouses and pants are stained red, white and blue with a sea of stars at all. ¿Exaggerated? Not if we know how to combine them. And while many of you look not akin to flags of any kind, I must admit that this (along with the UK) I love them. Is it because of the colors? Both use the same colors ...


Do you dare with a striped shirt and starry? The worn and broken effect makes a dent in it and gives it a vintage look complete, is not it?


If you like the idea but you're not bringing many colors in your clothes you might like flared jeans and pants with detail bars and white stars. Too much?


Beyond the banner

But the new lookbook shows garments beyond the American flag, a white camisole set estupendísimo miniskirt and crochet. What do you think the outfit? I like a lot.


Although if you like crochet but not enough to wear a skirt, you can decant for wearing this fabric in small quantities. How for example in a simple sleeveless white cotton shirt.


And since I'm a fan of Vichy (whether or not fashion) left for the end this dress: black and red with a full skirt. I've fallen!


Official Website | Free People
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