Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Shoes Fall 2012

Zapatos de Blanco otoño 2012

Here are the new white shoes from her new collection Fall 2012! Little by little we know all the latest in shoes White ! At last I can show you the first boots , peep toe also several rooms, lounges and sandals !

The main innovation in terms of white shoes are the tacks ! But there are more shoes trends in White, cowboy boots and, platforms, ties and high heels!

Zapatos de Blanco otoño 2012 White Shoes Fall 2012: boots

Zapatos de Blanco otoño 2012 White Shoes Fall 2012: sandals

Zapatos de Blanco otoño 2012 White Shoes Fall 2012: studded flat sandals

Zapatos de Blanco otoño 2012 White Shoes Fall 2012: peep toe

Do you like these shoes in White?

The controversy jacket Michelle Obama

The latest controversy comes from fashion U.S. although it has taken place in London. Michelle Obama is being criticized across the world for wearing a jacket what characterizes for newspapers and blogs have taken the nails?

The Importance of Being Oscar (and the fall campaign)

Oscar de la Renta put in front of the camera to the tops and Katryn Candice Swanepoel Kruger in his campaign and in it we have everything we hope

Last chance to fluoride. Alessandra Ambrosio shows how

For a fluorine is difficult for others, like me, is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and do it because no doubt this trend will survive until next summer. If still in doubt Alessandra Ambrosio came to our rescue.

Paper Denim Cloth turns and opens his campaign for the summer of 2013 Instagram

To say that is the social network Instagram fashion that is probably obvious. But it's very interesting to see how each brand faces this new social network. Paper Denim Cloth, a brand of "cowboy luxury" of the most advanced and took a few years desparacida chose this photo for the mobile application for their return.

Feel free and the cowboy look that you like (courtesy of Free People)


Today, the cowboy is a staple in our wardrobe. And, who do not have one? I take more than a pinch and depending on how you combine and how to achieve a character or another. Personally I like to combine the boyfriend jeans with white cotton shirt, blue blazer and a good pair of heels, although there are many more ways to wear them.

Encájate next fall with a lace dress

Carolina Herrera

Reviewing the collections of the next season, I realized that grab the crochet type lace dresses, ie a fit fatter than usual, but divine. In this post I have selected a few designs.

The famous are not removed in summer denim shorts

Alessandra Ambrosio2

Short shorts comes and goes. The famous are not removed or sleeping shorts. Are the main star of the summer. They are comfortable, combined with summer and everything and they know it. We decipher the key style of the famous denim short squeeze and over again.

Achieve a similar look thanks to the sales ... And for very little!


If a blogger I like (a lot) that is Atlantic Pacific. As I mix the clothes, the variety of styles that encompasses and the exquisite taste that has made ​​it one of my favorite bloggers today. That's why at sales time try to look in style clothing that she looks for inspiration in their looks.

The bag of celebrities from Pretty Ballerinas: Hilary Clutch Collection

Kate MIddletton

The clutch from Pretty Ballerinas Hilary has become the must have of many celebrities for their holidays. The firm wanted to celebrate this great success designing a new collection carved metallic suede and nappa and full palette of colors for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013.

Carolina Herrera Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: a trip to New York

Carolina Herrera campaign

If yesterday we saw many of the proposals by Carolina Herrera for the next Fall-Winter 2012/2013, today we see the first image campaign, which shows an extreme elegance with two fascinating party dresses. A campaign by fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

Behind fashion ... What celebrity looks like in Manhattan?

Fashion sometimes forget their backs, and we. Who would not have thought that seeing the look of a perfect wedding guest, when you contemplate shocked back before the hair is not properly completed or the makings of dress seem to want to explode. Today we play guess, guess what celebrity is the image?

The latest looks for Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba really like me, but does not know. Since I'm in Instagram I think a girl from the more familiar and close. His looks are also noteworthy. His style is urban, sociable, fashionable without going and denote a stunning simplicity to wear. We review the latest looks of the famous actress.

The choice and the process of the dress of your dreams, an unforgettable day for the bride


The choice and the process of our wedding dress can be a long way to go but have to live with excitement because it is a unique day in our lives. Paula Peeptoes My blog , recently married and is showing us the special moments that lived during the preparation of your wedding. Whether you go to a store or a designer to choose or make your dress should be a wonderful experience and I would like the share with us. How was the choice of your wedding dress?

The power of a bad image in the fall campaign for Just Cavalli

Not always a good campaign, is a GOOD campaign. The photographer is renowned, as perfect models and famous almost unreal, the renowned and acclaimed designer ... but there is a detail, a small, minute detail everything that leads to ruin.

Duel of styles: what hipster shorts along better?

michelle williams shorts

In case you still do not sound at all, a hipster is a modern life, those who wear glasses of pasta, bring cloth bags, look Raybans and know by heart all the indie bands have or might have. More information, of course, Wikipedia . For me there are a few Hollywood stars who respond to the archetype, because they are of normal, are somewhat alternative and prefer the convenience and natural face looks very tendencieros. One is Michelle Williams, will you know other famous hispters?

Crisis? Who said crisis? Inditex continues to rise


It has been known long ago, in times of crisis the rich get richer and the poor (unfortunately) very poor. So how could it be otherwise, the fifth richest in the world Mr. (Amancio Ortega) sees as his empire grows every day. And is that the company's shares are breaking highs.

Monday, July 30, 2012

White Dresses Fall 2012

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012 The new White dresses from her new collection autumn winter 2012/2013 are beginning to show up :). So now I can show you the first new dresses White for next season, but the fact is that these new White dresses are for summer!

White has new party dresses for special events and for a night out! Have new dresses with white peplum, tight dresses, dresses with new prints, necklines in the back, dressed in studs , etc..

Do you like the new White dresses fall winter 2012/2013?

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012
White Dresses Fall 2012

The floral dress with sleeves and printing costs 32.99 25.99 snake.

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012
White Dresses Fall 2012

These gowns with peplum and white strapless cost 25.99.

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012 White Dresses Fall 2012

This design set with white strips cost 19.99.

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012
White Dresses Fall 2012

A new feature in White are studded dresses! It costs 25.99.

Vestidos de Blanco otoño 2012
White Dresses Fall 2012

United family wears Dolce Gabanna, stays together

As the Godfather said how important the family! Dolce Gabbana, as Italians attached and family know it well and show in the new season of his collection to the perfect family Baby exist.

Jessica Alba opts for the print of rabbits


It appears that animal prints are more fashionable than ever. Far from being childish or little glam, celebrities are sheathed anything which brands offer. Fever started a couple of years with Miu Miu and birds, and since then there have been many companies that have given us an entire fauna. Recently we saw Zara cloned cat-stamping of Victoria Beckham . And now Jessica Alba shows her love for ... Rabbits!

New styling for Gossip Girl and ... A New Incorporation?


I am desolate at the imminent end of one of my favorite series: Gossip Girl. And is that Chuck Bass is one of the strongest motives that exists to keep believing in the plot (who is with me). Although their styles and what they were we (the girls have matured) that still do not know what that make them unique and desirable. And Serena Van der Woodsen be seen on the streets of the Big Apple again ...

Have you been to fashion fluoride? Do not worry about H & M continues with her


For most of us feel the same: we got carried away a season for the trend of the moment and after a few months that clothing does not help us at all, as the trend becomes obsolete. I thought this would happen with fluorine and neon colors, and this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 would no trace of them. But I was wrong ...

If you know how the tracksuit can fit (least selection!)


The tracksuit or sports wear comfortable clothes have always been but were not related to fashion ... does it? Anyway, after watching with horror how the athletes of our Spanish team paraded the stage in London when it opened last Friday, I wonder, is that no one can take advantage? And it seems that my questions already have answers ...

Living in the age "boho" by Nicole Miller

I have a favorite style when it comes to my wardrobe. Well, not one but two. Number one on the list is the bohemian or hippie chic wardrobe and my leaps for joy when he returns as a trend. It's not Nicole Miller pointer but thought his campaign as if it were.

Ideas for a holiday with small, for Selma Blair

Who does not enjoy dressing their kids like herself? The thing, as they have no voice and vote is as easy and will poniento the foundation of what will be the taste of the little boy vestimentary: or reject what he liked his mother or continue with it.

Stradivarius 2012 new clothing collection

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 At last I can show you the new clothes and collection of Stradivarius Fall 2012! This new clothes Stradivarius is a preview of his new collection autumn winter 2012 2013 and a first contact with new trends and clothing Stradivarius!

The new Stradivarius clothing trends as tacks, military jackets, long skirts, the look in black and white, denim shirts, collars with beads, etc..

Like this collection of clothing as fall progressed Stradivarius 2012?

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

Stradivarius is aimed at the fashion of jackets and khaki military jackets with faux leather sleeves on blazers and jackets and studded!

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

The new dresses Stradivarius opt for pleated designs, with flies, the combination in black and white, with lace ....

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

Among the new clothes I have to highlight these Stradivarius denim shirt! The interesting thing is their necks, the first and second studs have neck is decorated with beads!

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

Also new are the pants and torn jeans Stradivarius! And the shorts with beads and lace!

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

In skirts for now there is little new in Stradivarius! New and asymmetrical skirts!

Stradivarius nueva ropa y colección 2012 Stradivarius new clothing collection for autumn 2012

The new collection of Stradivarius have several shirts with the new trends, but the very best are these 2 with studs!

We know what the sweetest girls Photocall: Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale

jessica biel kate beckinsale

What a cute pair of girls, sweet and always correct us put together the movie Total Recall (a remake of the film of the 90 Challenge Total): Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. His obsession to not call attention to the leads to go the two nude for the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.

The sunglasses are also a classic in the world of cinema


The world of cinema is a machine for making icons of all kinds. There is a supplement that has crossed the big screen to get to the street and are the sunglasses. We all remember great films where the actors have worn sunglasses that have become famous then or already were to appear in the film. Let's do a review of the most iconic sunglasses of the movies.

Tatiana Santo Domingo, a hippie socialite linked with Monaco

Tatiana Santo Domingo

Tatiana Santo Domingo is the name of fashion this summer between high society, the talk of many because of the confirmation of his marriage to Andrea Casiraghi, the first child of Princess Caroline of Monaco, the second heir to the throne of Monaco after her mother, if Prince Albert II had no legitimate offspring. A wedding is expected for 2013 and has already led to more interest and life style of the young heir to an empire boosted by his father in Colombia.

Next stop: Hawaii, there are traveling our bloggers

flowers pants

The bloggers travel to Hawaii, but physically, at least they thought their tropical looks. We bring three fresquitos and superveraniegos looks, three different ways to wear this complicated pattern so chic in dress shirt and pants. Who do you prefer?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zara Clothing Fall 2012

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 We review the Zara clothing new autumn collection 2012! Here are the new trends and clothing Zara of autumn winter 2012 2013 fashion ! You have to see the new Zara dresses and other garments such as jackets, tops and pants!

Among the most interesting of the new clothing collection are Zara jackets and military jackets and studded, feathered skirts, party dresses and flared peplum, camouflage-print pants, shirts with studs, jerseys thick knitted, etc.

Do not miss the news and trends in clothing Zara!

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: coats and jackets

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: dresses

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: shirts and tops

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: Pants

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: skirts

Ropa Zara otoño 2012 Zara Clothing Fall 2012: sweaters

Like the new Zara clothing?

You also see the new bags from Zara and Zara shoes !