Saturday, July 28, 2012

Audrey is my name, my name Céline. Does much as I want?


It seems to be an essential element to succeed in the blogging world. If you do not have sunglasses Audrey Celine you're nobody. Either that or these girls have all agreed to show them off in their daily posts. over a year ago that I keep the door to this model (I love the sunglasses XXL ) But its price (250 euros) can only make them into dreams.

I wear this model with the three dots on the dipstick on my face but waiting for the signing reduces its price (very far) or that I touch the Euromillions (something even more impossible) I am content with the clone in H & M launched days .


¿Black or Tortoise? Honestly, I do not care because I love both. And is that they are simple lines that do not go out of fashion even though the seasons pass and new models are released.


Of course, even though I tell if a girl you feel great is the Audrey Celine Ferragni Chiara. Yes, and she knows it, for not to use them and get them on your page every day. Rabies ¿I? Nooooo, just ...


You know best of all? They are so big that you cover their faces, so if one day you have lots of dark circles can serve as a fashion and keep people scared of sleeping with your face. See? If you are the most versatile ...


I do not know how to say, I want some now!

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