Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bershka lookbook July 2012: the change is radical and it appears to one thing, success is assured


Bershka has amazed me. And is that a firm that was once half and half, now all new me hooked. Vests full of studs, military inspired (yes, I love it!) Or nude tones as are some of the proposals of this firm that quickly stepping up. And I can only say good progress. And I love how this firm improves with each collection but it raises the price. What more could we ask?

Break ranks!

Green military camouflage pattern ... Find out how your favorite and see this trend reflected in this collection that great.


Still have not found a jacket with leather sleeves that suit you? Maybe this version will fall in love at first sight.


Take out your romantic side

The nude is still present in our lives with a romantic and unique. The simplicity is palpable in each of the items: a long dress and pleated. Period. And you know what? You do not need anything else.


Although you may prefer a simple maxi skirt and smooth. What do you think?


But if you like these clothes that totally opposite styles can mix this jacket in pink biker suit is made ​​for you.


Make a Difference

Every time I see them I like more: the total look in denim me crazy.


Do you prefer a total look white? Make a difference with this shirt full of tacks.


Although this white fur vest is awesome. A unique yet? The color, would prefer another shade darker.


And since making a difference does not mean you can try clothes charged with this jersey with a ribbon tied to the back. Do you like?


What do you think of this red dress worn with fringes on the sides? Exactly, very Isabel Marant. Love it!


Be a rebel with this shirt uneven and letters with floral print.


I love this tee-shirt with lace detail.


Fringed skirt, maroon jersey and shirt with studs. so this outfit is so divine.



And to end this leather jacket that has captured my heart, I love it or yes.


What do you think of this new lookbook?

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