Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bershka opens the store and fashion rock


Bershka is already alive with rock fashion for the new collection for fall though being already available in stores for summer to fall is because they are wearable, timeless pieces, not talking about jackets or coats, but T-shirts.

More crosses


The fashion of the crosses has been one of my least liked in recent years. I see nothing attractive to use this symbol to fill tops, dresses and necklaces, but Bershka know that many you are cool and hits the target with designs that seem taken from the debut album of Justice or other dangerous contexts.

Great posts


"Black". So big, with a letter blunt and worn at the end. "It's Not Me, It's You" or "Why Not Now?". All these great messages with brutal force and a background that they wanted and the great poets.

The Guns N 'Roses are cool


The Heavy's hairy look cool and Guns N 'Roses will not be less. The Axl Rose still out there touring with concerts eternal several hours to reach Bershka that instead of uniting with shirts like The Who, who Inditex prefer to leave Pull & Bear, do so with some of the most recognized symbols of the Americans.

And even more skulls


The rock of the skulls. The skulls as a resource to rescue once again. The feminine touch is with sequins and big, great symbols of death turned into fashion.

The detail of style remains the front tucked . That does not change for now.

Official Website | Bershka
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