Monday, July 2, 2012

The best clothes in summer 2012 sales

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 Do not miss this post with the best summer clothing sales 2012! I can finally say that the sales have come and I'm sure half of you have been waiting to buy some clothes and the other half is spent as part of its budget on the sale of white (like me).

As for which you still have shoes, bags, bikinis, dresses and shirts to buy, today I bring you a selection of must-wear cuts that can not miss in your closet! We must be practical and try to buy clothes that much because we can get to be several seasons!

Notes the essential clothing sales this summer!

The best clothes on sale

ropa en rebajas verano 2012

The first cuts is basic footwear, preferably leather and is in vogue for several seasons. The sandal fetish is Mango (65.99) and Zara studded flat (29.95).

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 The denim shirts are super trendy and will remain, so it's a very smart purchase. This is Zara studded 49.95

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 Become well with shorts, garment star of the season! The two who have triumphed over this summer are white and bershka studded tie-dye (22.99).

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 In addition to basic T-shirts make these cuts, the ethnic and peplum are the most fashionable. Make it with peplum if or if it will continue carrying this fall! These two shirts are Zara.

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 The long asymmetrical flowers, LWD, the peplum ... The fashion dresses summer without fail, and these cuts seem to be having to choose from! The flower is of Stradivarius (29.95) and pale pink Zara TRF (22.95)

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 I know it's hot, but if you have the opportunity do not hesitate to pick up a jacket in the sales, the leather jackets, the cowboy, the trench and parkas are the key! Stradivarius trench parka 29.95 and 39.95

ropa en rebajas verano 2012 And last but not least important, be in a bikini! These are Pull and Bear and parts sold separately and are around 10 euros each hand, all these prices without lowering!

Have you been to the sale? What are your essential clothing for these summer sales?

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