Friday, July 6, 2012

Between weddings and divorces, we do not miss anything with the celebrities

Katie Holmes-and-Tom-Cruise

Today we take a look at a new Poprosa summary, to the cream of the celebrities who this week have left us a panorama of the sea moved. And is that the news of the separation of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has caught everyone by surprise, luckily we were able to compensate for weddings, pregnancy and other ads that you can see below ...

Between weddings and pregnancies game walks

Count patricia wedding

Patricia Conde, Esmeralda Moya ... many weddings and more good news.

All with the famous Red and also

busta and paula

Since this week we have again proclaimed Champions of Europe, which less about the celebrities how they lived mostly via Twitter ...

And a little of everything in the world of cuore

Beckham victory

And for you to see not only those of us hooligans Poprosa that celebrities like Victoria Beckham also have a point ... who would have thought.

And so far this new summary, the next day and better. Be good.

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