Friday, July 6, 2012

Bloggers and crazy discounts, one of Mango, Zara two much style ...

Crazy but crazy for clothes shopping and we've all seen it in stores low cost. But do not mean to look, admire or purchase what items have been determined to be it bloggers? We can get them to fourth and half the price.

Lieutenant Zanita

We begin with the military trend and how the beautiful looks Zanita. Have not seen in Zara there shiny, strange, with that military color scheme added to the glamor of the stones on his lapel?

Fringed flapper

Who does not sound, remember, he seems to have seen this skirt? Yes, indeed it is from Zara and if what I have thought, how difficult to combine, here's a great way to do this because Perventina.

Pencil (and paper)

The pencil skirt sit well with many figures: if you are short wear it on your knee, if you're curvy feminizará your figure and if you are tall take it below the knee. An abode looks and the H & M and I love her in sale

Yellow glamor

I have not seen but if he had, and rebates would make me late for him. Tina wears a beautiful dress Mango Tiy dye that is the subject of forced sales.

Red red

How Not to mention the red, red and red with red us. Another sweater from Zara that sounds like a thousand bells wedding and Zanita version looks casual. Do not you have thought of as an option?

Fluorine baby

I will not be heavy again, saying that fluoride is the best way to accompany your tan in small doses. Emily knows what looks good and this bag look with Mango and Zara blouse.

Photos | Perventina , Zanita , Emily , An Van

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