Saturday, July 7, 2012

The bloggers' favorite shoes are from Zara ... And they are discounted!


Not yet completed a week of starting (official) of the 2012 summer sales, but walking around (almost) daily by them I can say one thing: we have a great opportunity Zara shoes. And this firm is the flagship model is still in stores with a lower price: high-heeled sandals in different colors.

With jeans, dresses, shorts or minifaaldas, this type of footwear is fixed but feel great in esport key. Although most of them combine it with wedding dresses / party. What about? Feel 10.


There are many combinations of color, but the most popular are those that are in one color: black. Y is combined with all and are most versatile.


With dress night or day, this model feel great, how the combinarías you?


With colorful

But there are also black color different color versions: purple and green, turquoise and green, orange, black and nude, etc.. They are more difficult to use, but just as effective.


And if you want a different outfit with pants dare nothing prints and discreet. What do you think the end result?


Did you have opted for them?

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