Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Copiable streestyle looks possible!

long skirt street

As more and streetstyle looks seem more extravagant, impractical, uncomfortable, and sometimes even ridiculous , I plan to find looks normal, you can copy clothes from my closet. The main reason these blogs were inspired with their looks and that essence is being lost rapidly.

Ladyframboise combines color skirt with denim shirt unca, together with a wide belt that marks the transition between the two garments, adding a long necklace and a handbag. I have all, so I would not be difficult to copy the look as is.

Caraj from Canada signed another look simple and simply beautiful and coordinated. A midi length print dress with a white jacket and red accessories.

white jacket look

Again Ladyframboise is confirmed by a look normal, copyable for a hot day in office: a white dress and nude handle with leather accessories. If you have a beige skirt and a white shirt or blouse, the result would be just as resultón.

working street look

Photos | Ladyframboise , Caraj
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