Thursday, July 26, 2012

Counterfeits of flooding the market Bekket online. How to know if our Isabel Marant are authentic?


Amazing that a shoe costing 395 euros and is sold out before tickets go on sale. So is this phenomenon by Isabel Marant with new models of its Bekket. So many fashion victims looking to make with your own eBay page-type, but eye! do not be sneaking a fake to the original price. Today we show the differences that you have to look not to sell you for a ride.

And is that if you have both models together is difficult to know whether this is an original model. So take a good look before you bid on these details, it will save you much money. A clear difference is their sole: while the original is based on small eyelashes, the fake has a large circle on top.


Inside we see that the 'good' are fully lined with fur. A thin, tasty and comfortable, while those from China are involved in a mesh fabric.


But we know if this is a fake by looking (again) on the bottom: thick and an orange color. No, the originals have a thin sole and beige, giving it a different look.


Before you bid ... Stay tuned 100% safe!

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