Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crisis? Who said crisis? Inditex continues to rise


It has been known long ago, in times of crisis the rich get richer and the poor (unfortunately) very poor. So how could it be otherwise, the fifth richest in the world Mr. (Amancio Ortega) sees as his empire grows every day. And is that the company's shares are breaking highs.

And economics do not understand much I'll explain in a simple way to give you an idea of ​​what your upload is. In 2001, when the group went on an exchange, their shares were worth 14, 70 euros. Eleven years later, those same actions over 86 euros. Not bad, eh?

And best of all, analysts set their price at 90 euros which is a potential growth of 4%. It is expected further growth in Asia. So while some suffer the consequences of this happy crisis, others see as his empire is strengthened every day.

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