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Designer of the Month: Juan Vidal (II): "This country needs to turn around this industry"

John Vidal

After the first part of the interview with John Vidal that we read today in our "Designer of the month," we know a little more of the work of designer Eldense and way of working.

What inspires you when designing?

Women, art, music, film, social photography, everyday objects, an ideal, love and hatred ... all polar opposites, but above all, feminine archetypes and multiple psychological profiles.

Is there any artist, designer, or any movement that will influence more prominently in the design of the clothes or drink a little here and there?

Miles. I like many and varied. Golden ages and dark and contemporary movements.

What is your favorite part of the creative process when designing a garment or an entire collection?

The creative process I love, but makes me very nervous and serious. Instead, enjoy the final moment in which you project the image you want to, that moment is all fun, meet with friends and developing artists pictures and ideas that serve to see your work from another plane.

What materials do you prefer to work? And do you have any color you like in particular?

I like working heavy fabrics that pick up women and involve modeling the line. The gazar, the failure of silk, taffeta, satin double technical shoe applied to clothing, rubber parts. The black is essential, but white, pink and red are primary colors and full of energy in the dressing room also understand women.

One of the most representative of your firm are the names of the collections. How did the idea?

Because talking about women who print a specific profile that plays with the various cultural nuances, and environmental situation, it is easier to identify if it receives a name that sums it all. It is easy to visualize a woman named Chrystine glass, or the birth of a free woman on the moon called EVA . At the same time is as feminine as the product that I do.

John Vidal Chystine

I suppose it's like choosing between mom and dad but prefer the spring-summer collections for autumn or winter? Why?

Two. For technical questions maybe the winter collection is more complicated in terms of production, we would like to develop these collections but rarely find the means to do so.

What is the best advice you have given throughout your career?

Asier Tapia, and great professional friend told me one day: "John, you're too right, all you do is beautiful but lacks a point of bad milk." And since then I try to be a little rascal.

What would you say to all those who want to pursue fashion design?

That much encouragement. This country needs to turn around the industry.

What are your goals in a near future?

From time to do a second show in Madrid and continue to create a solid team, sort of door in and keep dreaming of out doors.

And finally, what would John Vidal if not devoted to the world of fashion?

Somehow something about it. The film, photography ...

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