Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dresses ideal for Moms


More and more beautiful clothes for pregnant women. I have many friends who already boast a substantial belly and tell me that sometimes have a hard time finding prom dresses and dresses for them monkeys. Here are some proposals to better withstand the heat and the wait is much sweeter.




Dresses with prints not too exaggerated or bright colors can be very suitable for pregnant and not have to enlarge the silhouette if they are discreet. All three dresses are from Topshop.



The dresses can be slightly adjusted very well and highlight our state without feeling uncomfortable when wearing them. The red tight dress and long, both from Topshop are ideal for enhancing our sexy side.




For informal parties or social engagements such as baptisms, communions ... choose a short dress and flowing. The fabrics are chiffon, tulle, lace or light pastel. The lace is from Topshop and ecru and green Asos.



For a wedding party or you can opt for a dress with sequins or a body over to look pregnant Greek style with elegance. Both dresses are from Asos.

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