Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Duel of styles: what hipster shorts along better?

michelle williams shorts

In case you still do not sound at all, a hipster is a modern life, those who wear glasses of pasta, bring cloth bags, look Raybans and know by heart all the indie bands have or might have. More information, of course, Wikipedia . For me there are a few Hollywood stars who respond to the archetype, because they are of normal, are somewhat alternative and prefer the convenience and natural face looks very tendencieros. One is Michelle Williams, will you know other famous hispters?

Today they fight in a duel of shorts, it's summer and require high temperatures. Michelle Williams opts for correctly mixing polka dots and flowers.

Kirsten Dunst is another frame might be in that group hispter. Nothing impossible heels suitable for walking only 5 meters from each other straight and square heel shoes and accessible height. A look very normal but has some interesting intellectual aura.

kirsten dunst shorts

While all the stars hipster (a label which, incidentally, which denies people) is Chloë Sevigny is the most remarkable. Only she could wear suspenders and sporting white and still get that look as postcard.

Chloe Sevigny shorts

In the hipster culture, and within Brooklyn, Williamsburg, has moved to Manhattan and New York neighborhood where most interesting things happen, and the number that best reflects the current time is Girls hipster, an entirely desirable, for its style and their characters.

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