Monday, July 9, 2012

Emma Stone is obsessed with shoes of PVC (and not the only)

Emma Stone PVC Louboutin

If we talk about shoes this season star among celebrities, we can not stop talking about the "A Bout 100" by Christian Louboutin. Almost no red carpet has resisted these shoes PVC that can be found in different colors, and Emma Stone, which has recently paraded a few due to the premiere of Spiderman, has not been an exception.

She has used them several times during the promotion, either spiked version that combined with a white dress from Chanel, or versions in black and orange neon that led in the past a bit more informal.

PVC Louboutin

But as I said, Emma was not the only one who has fallen victim to the PVC (Material on the other hand we have seen in other shoes designers like Dolce & Gabbana or Marc Jacob s), others such as Elle Macpherson, Kristen Stewart (with me, best model in neon yellow) or in the past Nerea Garmendia premiere "Carmina or Burst" also have surrendered to them.

Is the problem of shoes PVC ? If you go to a premiere, we provide the shoes and will go great, you can not do the trick to get you some toilet paper to fill the shoe, or else end up being exposed as happened to Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling PVC


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