Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feel free and the cowboy look that you like (courtesy of Free People)


Today, the cowboy is a staple in our wardrobe. And, who do not have one? I take more than a pinch and depending on how you combine and how to achieve a character or another. Personally I like to combine the boyfriend jeans with white cotton shirt, blue blazer and a good pair of heels, although there are many more ways to wear them.

And because each person is different and likes the colors, the company presents its Free People denim lookbook. You see, criticize and choose the one that goes with your lifestyle.


And as we are at the height of summer I choose these shorts with lace detail on legs. Can not be more ideal? They are garments that at first glance not much, but when you combine them with others become the star of your outfit.


With patches It Hot

The patches are the protagonists of these models ranging from more to less. From simple to more complicated, ie, only suitable for the most daring and strong personality.


How small adored your mother put rivets colors? Well, now you can go back in time with this model so unusual and striking. What do you think?


And if you who like to live in the hood and the hippie movement with long (even though such models are not as much), you can opt for these models. Are you white or jeans?


Be different

And if you want to make a difference in the world can decant for this release on XXL . I personally do not the enfundaría ever, but you know that likes the colors. Or not?


Even if you wear a hood of those that make noise, but you want your model have some waiting to be set.


I, for now, I prefer those of 'life' ...

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