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Five urban styles that Britain has exported


Britain has been a hotbed of social tribes from long ago. Personal styles in the islands grew up to become popular at a time of large scale and exported to other countries that continue to toe nail style these external influences. Different times but all we still have much in fashion today.

Mod, the young Jimmy Cooper


Jimmy Cooper, played by Phil Daniels, became an icon of this scene by starring in 1979's role in the film Quadrophenia mod, directed by Franc Roddam. At that time the scene was living his mod revival in the British Isles after spending the fever of this subculture in the mid-60.

A style that drew one of his special passion for the best clothes possible, devoting much of their wages in low profile jobs or means to costumes elegant Italian tailors.

Of these we are left with the recovery by the military parkas, a symbol of the mod, and the like in the sixties pop scene and derived its fashion caught again we see today.

Punks SEX


Punk was not born in England as they say if the United States with bands like Ramones, Richard Hell and Voidoids and other bands that fell by CBGB but lacked a Malcolm McClaren placed on the market that this move and take her to his home island. The bride was none other than Vivienne Westwood, who would shape a groundbreaking and provocative fashion to those early 70's through the store SEX .

One incident after another leads to the Sex Pistols and a year later these prenderían the wick of a traditional and conservative society singing the 'God Save The Queen' with which the English punk would begin to expand rapidly with the help of the media communication.

Leather, studs, crests, a passion for black, the messages on t-shirts, by the self-made fashion ... the punk had different versions from which streamed the glam image of New York Dolls, except that these Americans were already .

Gothic Darkness

robert smith

Speaking of darkness and passion for black, goths endorsed this color in the actual use of the total black styling applied. In the British Isles were influenced by American and endorsed both musical form, with Robert Smith as the main icon and the Cure as one of the most popular groups on a massive scale, as in fashion, Alexander McQueen as one of the most often mentioned, but later became a futuristic vision of Gareth Pugh's hand with which to continue the story.

The Victorian taste for the British in their time of mourning left the door open where you can see the previous references to that style.

Far left big hair during those years, today we took them some great jewelry that looks old, a certain passion for the cross and skulls ....

The happy life, life rave


Our friend Harvey Ball smiley created in 1963 for internal business purposes eventually become a reference of the rave scene at the end of the 80 flooded Britain with some of the wildest parties in recent memory. The Acid House took the smiley as a friend more.

Striking fashion of the time during those months turned to sneak in many brands. The taste for neon, the mixture of impossible ideas, color by color, loose clothing, tops ... It was little to enjoy the party.

The boho-chic as fashion copy

kate moss

In the mid-2000s the term boho-chic began to take a big importance that everything seemed to be boho-chic and if it was, was not fashionable. A term that burned like so many other modern arising and it adds a negative connotation that originally had, when the looks of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller began to be called so.

The folk taste, a taste for mindless idea of ​​fashion but in turn studied with a combination of items to achieve this effect, and the growth of the passion to follow and copy many famous young finished defining the boho-chic that was a hybrid of many styles.

But without being romantic, casual yet versatile, comfortable clothing and timeless that it could sometimes leave the trunk of the grandmother and the last mark that up to this car to market a trend that no longer gets its name from being burned as term.

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