Monday, July 2, 2012

Flat sandals are a gem

framboise lady sandals

Summer is made for fine details and subtle. We teach a lot of meat, took a few clothes and a simple addition as a jewel sandal makes the difference between good and evil. I love the jeweled flat sandals, I love to wear long dresses during the day , but also add a point of interest looks with skinny jeans or skirts flying. Of course, they are a summer essential that all we have in the closet and now in sales, are better value than ever.

Lady framboise uses them to take to the beach with a simple long black dress and a bassinet. And our suggestion to buy sandals gem cuts are:

jewel sandals

  • Rhinestone are Mango and cost 24.99 euros. Indispensable to take a perfect pedicure, as these sandals expose the toes up.
  • The golden crab type are Zara and rebates are now 19.99 euros.
  • On Asos there are all kinds of brands and prices. Black with gold coins worth 61 euros.
  • The charms are black with Love Moschino, and its price goes up a bit: 230.78 euros.

And now, a walk without your feet pass heat!

Photo | Lady framboise
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