Friday, July 6, 2012

Free People lookbook July 2012: a mix of interesting contrasts. I like everything!


Karlie Kloss and Aline Weber. They are the two new (and lucky) models who star in the lookbook of July Free People. And she share a common denominator: the contrasts. Day and night. Romantic pieces with country. Prints with smooth. So endless possibilities. As I always say, a whole outfit may not enfundaría me, but the separate pieces together.

While it is a sign that we can not classify as low-cost (obviously) we can not classify as high-cost. So when I see jeans-like Isabel Marant full of patches I'm glad for it.


The mini-dresses that you will get the dream

Countless models are found in this new lookbook for this month so hot. Adjusted or full skirt, will star in many of the dreams of our readers (and mine).


One that I love? The white with red embroidery. Ideal for the beach, a walk with friends or for a special night. I love the versatility to be found there.


And although I like the fitted models visually, are not made ​​for me or for my body.


While the flight itself skirts that I accept. And if done with 'patches' of different fabrics better (thank the original models that differ from the rest).


White and yellow. Vaporous and very Ibiza. Need more? Watch it and decide if you want in your closet or not.


Are you the one wearing the pants at home?

In love with the white blouse playing with transparencies. So I stayed and saw her a cigarette combined with the most romantic prints. An outfit of 10 in my opinion, what's yours?


Worn and dirty-looking. So is this model that the left helplessly to one side to see the jersey and vest. Perfect!


Is the problem the next outfit? There are so many garments that none looks like it should. A shame because surely separate each dress is perfect for a simple outfit and nothing more.


If you like jeans patch a small scale, this model will be perfect. They are not as bold as we have shown above, but still original and more discreet.


While undoubtedly, the best I leave it for last: I loved this look. Whole without changing anything. Though not go with me, I find it visually 10. SDiferente original but great. What do you think?


What garment you stay?

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