Friday, July 27, 2012

Garnet is the color of the autumn-winter, according to H & M

H & M Fall Winter 2012 2013

If it was not because I do favor those phrases topical fashion style "garnet is the new black" titled so the post, because the garnet is going to be this fall-winter 2012/2013 in a color really necessary. H & M as expected for pants, jackets, sweaters, dresses sexy and of course, accessories.

I'm a cherry

The easiest way is to combine the garnet-raw white and black, although H & M also offers a highly visual combination with pink.

pink garnet jerseys

That dark red-tinged brown purple is associated with wearing the Pope, so too pontifical lest we should keep it in small doses: a garment is enough to update your wardrobe for the fall.

H & M pants garnets

I like the maroon leather applied to and I think I'll recover a leather jacket that I have lost out there in the closet in maroon (always been a color that I loved). H & M offers several scarlet leather jackets from 40 euros. A perfect garment for halftime.

maroon leather jacket

Course, which will not fail in my closet is a snap type bag or maroon boots this winter. Finally, a trend that does not convince me 100%.

H & M booties garnets

The black is the new black

This Gothic chic that was last seen on the runways of the new season, the black is a color that will not fail this fall and winter. Lots of leather and lace for garments sexy and powerful. I mean, what is fashionable cane.

H & M Fall Winter 2012 2

For the rest of trends in the catalog of H & M, nothing we have not seen in previous seasons: mixed white and black, animal print (do not understand how people are not already tired of seeing it) and faded jeans. Mentalizaros, autumn is already upon us (at least, is in stores).

H & M Fall Winter 2012/2013 3

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