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Gold medal: the 5 British brands that have marked (peculiar) history

Countdown to the Olympics. And while in Spain we walk with changes flag kits and designs that do not change despite the winds and tides , in the UK are for celebration because the world will have their eyes, televisions and mice in them. But let's talk fashion and how to entertain a country that has had much power in the sector.
These are the 5 brands British Queen Mother who have changed the foundations of a peculiar fashion.


How can you go from being a mark for matrons of tea at five and umbrella in hand to be the most desired by fashionistas?
In 1856, Thomas Burberry, a boy of 21 years, opened a small store in Hampshire, England. Trade was becoming known as a supplier of sportswear and completed his ascension to the invention of a waterproof fabric: the raincoat. The classic trench coat is the alma mater of signature, an article subject to numerous revisions and embodies the movements Burberry (their recognized apóstofre disappeared in 1999) has suffered in its history. In fact the British house has gone from being the official team that dressed Amundsen reaching the South Pole in 1911 to the signing of the quintessentially British luxury today, thanks in part to its creative director Christopher Bailey young . His pattern called Novachek, is world renowned. It consists of crosslinked digonales lines with a gentleman in the center.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Klaus Martens was a Nazi World War II and was also the designer of these boots that are characterized by their sturdy soles with air chamber. Perhaps these sources for a long time the mark has not enjoyed the commercial success it enjoys today. At first triumphed among the workers and factory workers in England, who needed a sturdy footwear. Thus became popular among street gangs and urban subcultures such as skinhead or punk in the 60's.

"The magic moment occurred when, through some advertising in a British trade journal, Griggs family, work boots manufacturers, met with the German doctors Martens and Funck," said Martin Roach
who has written the history of the company.

At that time it was an orthopedic boot sold 80 percent of German women over forty years of age.


Paradigm British low cost, no one as they reflect the latest trends and the trendy spirit of Londoners.
A shame that Spain did not get the best of their collections and shops leave us pining for what we find in London. Founded in 1964 by Peter Robinson its first store opened in 1974.
Agent Provocateur
They and they alone were the pioneers and to copy the original brand and therefore both baroque movement and pin up in sexy lingerie and the shops and luckily Lengerie just landed in Madrid. Its creator is the son of the legendary Vivienne Westwood.
Your ads are followed, criticized and praised, sometimes sexy but his touch other tawdry London of Camden away from the fussiness of Victorias Secret and women who seem not to break a plate. Provocateur Women break them all.

French Connection UK

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks its house brand is the logo feature FCUK .
The similarity of their logo with the word fuck (which I think we all know translate) caused controversy since its inception that seem to be in the custom of their employees to use the acronym to send communications. What did they do? Being smarter than a boss of Silicon Valley and become popular with cotton shirts, "fcuk fashion", "hot as fcuk", "too busy to fcuk" "fcuk safely"

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