Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot in the city: from heat styling

Pink streetstyle

With 40 degrees in the shade, of course not feel like putting anything on, least of brainstorming trying to keep the glamor and style when we can barely keep his composure. So bring four simple solutions to be kind even though the heat is axfisiante.

Lady in pink

Choose shades of sweet, soft, like pink, coupled with very lady accessories: sandals strips minimum and a small portfolio. Mild Pareceremos nymphs from another galaxy and will project a fresh image but what surrounds us is a fireball.

Vintage Clothing

We do not need more than a gown that looks rescued from Grandma's trunk. The print should be happy, and if it is a shirt dress, we can play with the openings. That takes very little retro touch to seduce.

street vintage dress

Crop top

The tops are cut full trend this summer 2012. Follow it if your body allows, but you do not need to buy a garment that pervivirá next summer. Cut an old shirt and wear it high waist skirt. And you teach abs, keep your legs under a skirt guard midi.

crop top street

What a body

With this heat makes you want to go out in underwear right? Then do it. Choose your most beautiful body and wear it as a top with long skirt. Your style and accessories will do the rest.

street body

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