Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am amazed with the new collection from River Island. Why did not win in Spain?


Sometimes I wonder what happens to a firm succeed on both a country and fail miserably in another. This applies to River Island in the UK is the most, while in Barcelona never caught and ended up closing. And now it makes me angry, because I see his new collection and makes me want to take it all. Some things are impossible to combine, yes, but aesthetically has a roll that catches my attention.

It is true that we sometimes see clothes and think (at least personally): Okay, I would put it, but if I see it in a magazine I know I'll like it.


With a top and you have everything

There are tops that are recharged at first, but combined with a simple outfit enhance end styling. Far from being rococo or overloaded, the two tops I have fallen in love. To my mind are amazing, what do you think?


But if you are more classic and sleek, you also have these two versions in blue or pink.


¿Short or shorts?

¿Short or shorts? That is the question. Visually I like the second option if I see on the catwalk and magazines, but to implement it is mission impossible. So I opted for the shorts, do you?



Cardigans, blouses and other

I like the shirts. Depending on how you manage to combine them an outfit for work, for a night out or a day of it easier.


But if I choose I'll take those straight out of pajamas: I am a fan. For most models you see I never get tired come and always want more, more, more ...


But like everything in life, there are girls who prefer a cardigan or jacket of wool instead of the blouse. And that is to taste the colors!


Like the crow's feet but want to escape the mythical black and white? Try this version multicolored come out winning!


But if there is an item that has caught my attention only to see it has been a blazer type jacket electric blue and green, where vintage queen on it. What do you think?


A bit of catch-

There are more things that I would see no never (and I mean it) to wear them. And an example is this ruffled pencil skirt with golden skin side. Does the outfit of the future?


And an article I add to my wishlist for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 are the leggings / skinny plaid and cuaro. I've loved!


¿Necklaces Lover XXL ? Well, maybe hiperventileis to see these two models.


What would you put a final note to this advance of collection?

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