Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm smarter than Ryanair: these dresses will allow me to save space in your suitcase

zara red dress

Reduce your most precious items in one suitcase wardrobe is complicated, very complicated. So the best thing to do is fill it with clothes serve you day and night to serve you. The accessories will be the key to perform a transformation that will save you much space in the suitcase.

The formula is simple: choose versatile dresses, like this red dress Zara (new season, but only costs 22.95 euros ) and that are good for both casual looks to more formal looks. By day take it with flat sandals and night Roman type, with heeled sandals in black. A red lipstick will be the finishing touch to party.

The flowers are for the day ... and night. I see this Topshop floral dress that costs 29 pounds for a walk in the market with a shoulder bag ... and I see at night by wedges with a peep toe or heel.

topshop dress flowers

The white dress of the day is candid and pure metallic or dancers and touches of leather, and can be an explosive look at night with colored accessories. Find the dress Massimo Dutti for 59.95 euros .

white dress Massimo Dutti

Long dresses like this one from Mango ( 19.99 euros in sales) will give you a hippie touch if lights up with a basket to go to the beach and night together with a long necklace and earrings that highlight what can be more glamorous.

handle striped dress

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