Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you are inspired by them will be the cynosure (and the envy of many)


Blessed are the fashion blogs. There is saturation, yes. But when you find the style you like and inspires you every day is the best there is. Not that looks completely copies the girl in question (although each is free to do whatever you want), but if you like the result you see on screen, why not imitate her own touches giving? And I am inspired them. You?

Some of the points left on my desk for tomorrow (as in the case of the first look). As with the heat we're having I can not think about leggings enfundarme skin. So for that I look at Lovely Pepa: simple but ideal.


But if you want something a little more elaborate, this set may be to your liking: a topos with jersey skirt draft. What could be more perfect?


And if you prefer styling inspiration from the most similar but with polka dot shorts. Which of the two you prefer?


And you, are you going to inspire these girls?

Photos | Petra Karlsson , rocking chairs and Cats , The native fox , Lovely Pepa
In Jared | Do not despair! Ideas to go on sale, do you game?
In Jared | Already have your red shorts? They do, and I like how they look!

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