Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Instead of waves are curves!

curves cover

When summer arrives and we have to buy swimwear many of us avoid or lengthen the time to avoid having to face the mirror. The question always painted more dramatic than it is. We caught a few extra pounds over the winter and we are very white skin, but everything has a solution. The important thing is to feel privileged and comfortable with what we and the rest do not care.

Swimsuits and bikinis smooth

To cover some extra kilos we have several kinds of swimsuits that help us do this. Many of them have any kind of backup or "tricks" to camouflage the tummy for example. I'd advise you when you go to buy your swimsuit you try all you can and choose is best suited to your style and body shape.

Kiabi 2

Dressed in black swimsuit and ring in the chest Kiabi for 12.49 euros . Made of microfiber and lined rimless. Ideal to cover the belly.


Brown swimsuit with drape which takes into account the height of the breast of the woman and shapes your silhouette. It has removable straps so you can use it as a bandeau type bathing suit. Taillissime is selling in the Redoute for 29.93 euros.


I love Taillissime swimsuit in brown with coral beads and tie. It's very retro and thanks to cords side shapes your silhouette. The price of the swimsuit is 49.90 euros.


Bikini smooth emerald Modcloth. They have it in different colors and are perfectly suited to your figure.

Prints swimwear

It is said that the prints are fat, and not true. There are many types of patterns and ways of doing that make you look more plump. And the bikinis and swimsuits are always more fun prints and juveniles.


Gardenia-print swimsuit with draped neckline and halter straps of Modcloth for $ 89.99 . A classic swimsuit but effective stresses your neck and shoulders.


Green swimsuit with white polka dots and crossover neckline lined with muslin molding. A fun and cheerful swimsuit from La Redoute for 49.90 euros.


Bikini with black background and printed retro style cherries. The bikini panty helps dissimilar type coulotte ass and belly Modcloth.


Sexy bikini with polka-dots in black and gray Taillissime. The molding is high and panty and bra with underwire is to strengthen the chest.

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