Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jesus del Pozo The firm has new look and new name: DELPOZO


It seems that the name changes are in fashion. If a few weeks ago news broke of the name change of Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Paris, now it is the turn of a Spanish brand that seeks to radically change its image: Jesus del Pozo is renamed DELPOZO .

With this new name and logo, the brand seeks to combine some of the keys of the above identity such as the sobriety and elegance along with other values ​​such as creativity and innovation.

From the Didot typeface of classical origin, the logo has been shaped by hand to create a unique identity Seine and staff. The hallmark of the last cut "or" is a wink to women establishing a special complicity between her and DELPOZO . The woman, as an essential part of brand identity, graphic complements your image, like, that their values ​​and philosophy.


The very Josep Font, new creative director of the firm, said:

"It seems essential that the idea of ​​complicity with the woman through all the elements that surround the brand. It's really interesting to introduce this whole new visual language. We are working to have it fully developed for the presentation of the next Spring Summer collection 2013. "

There is no doubt blowing winds of change for the brand of the late Jesus del Pozo, and although I understand wanting a thorough renovation of the brand, which began with the signing of Josep Font, do not know if this is the right step. Peter Trolez, President and Design Perfumes Group has admitted that it was a risky decision but were aware that they needed an identity and proper manner with this new phase. What do you think the new name?

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