Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kate Bosworth's look is for all. H & M Live!


We all like to see it as one of our girls dressed in clothes low cost. Does not happen very often, but when it happens we (at least me) yes I look like her. Or a Wow! This girl has great taste because it looks the same dress as me. Or just think it's funny that the garment you have in your closet is also on the stars closer together. This is the case of Kate Bosworth and her dress from H & M.

Is taken from his 2012 collection inspired by WaterAid in Hawaii. When I saw in store I thought I liked the retro feel of each of the items proposed and I noticed the dress. What I liked was his palm print (I have an obsession with them), but then the view is I focus on the monkey and I fell over (if possible).


What do you think its easy option to combine?

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