Sunday, July 29, 2012

Know how to care for Dior boutique in Saint-Tropez

Dior st tropez

Like the other day we saw the new Louis Vuitton store icon in China, today we get a virtual tour (we wish it were more in person) by the Dior boutique is in Saint-Tropez. A journey to discover what keeps Dior behind its gates.

The boutique inside


The interior of the boutique speaks for itself. Open spaces, high ceilings, comfortable in the distribution of products as is usual in this type of firms and shops. The shopping experience is quite different.

Exclusive products

dior tropez

In St. Tropez Dior seeks to give a bonus to customers who come there. Your experience is different than other boutiques of the firm. Hence to save unique products such as sunglasses, shorts (appropriate for the area), sandals and other similar ideas.

A restaurant after purchase


In his restaurant, Chef Yannick Alléno, a prominent French chef with three Michelin stars, you can enjoy exquisite cuisine could not be left natural where caviar and dishes more care. And there's macaroni and tomato. Eye.

The Ambassador Hotel

dior hotel

Located on the rue François Sibilli, the Ambassador Hotel is the perfect backdrop for a boutique as well. Pure luxury and calm.

Photo Gallery

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