Saturday, July 21, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared 43

Live in style 43

And so, without eating or drinking, we are on weekends. If the arrival of Saturday and Sunday I have milled off guard and you have nothing planned, here are some ideas ranging from little hands out the side in you to plan a future vacation with the children of the house.

The first is a DIY . What to do with the pots that we have at home? In Decoesfera teach us " Eight things you can do with your clay pots . " If you are a handyman, and have plans for this weekend.

Live in style 43

Of course not everyone has a Pielhoff Kristian inside, so, another option is to shop and join the neon trend with Pantone Iphone housings we are taught in Compradicción. We know that we will end up sick of this trend, so perhaps it is best to leave the brightly colored accessories and repent not have half a closet after neon.

Live in style 43

If money is no problem and it happens you're in New York. You can always go through the new Lanvin flagship store that is in the Big Apple . In this new store square meters we find the main lines of the firm, capsule collections, and an entire floor dedicated to wedding dresses.

Live in style 43

And speaking of travel, have you thought about where you are going with the kids this summer? You can always go through the Special holidays with children who have prepared Diariodelviajero.

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