Saturday, July 28, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared 44


In summer our days must elapse between dip and dip to cool in this sweltering heat. What better than a swim in the pool after work? But there are ways and ways ... and the best part? subsequent plans.

Since you have garden and pool, your leisure you can complete some essential details in both decoration and technology. For ejmplo good speakers for music or an iPad for mangling while sunbathing.

Essie nail polish

One of the things I love to do while I'm in the garden is to paint unñas. And now in summer, each week of one color or match the look. Essie has a acolección infinite color all My favorite? The fuchsia.


After a day of swimming, how best to approach our favorite stores. One of the firms more feminine, romantic, delicate and full of freshness is Poete. The clothing company has opened a new store in the mall Majadahonda West, bringing a total of 10 establishments in Spain. The new boutique is provided with the fan of the brand style creating a romantic space by moving to the most romantic French and vintage character Londoner.

Dolores Promises Dolores Promises

Or a visit to the shops of Dolores Promises, in which not only will you find your clothes features with its famous illustrations, faces and phrases too small and flirty details that decorate the beautiful shops: candles, baskets, boxes, cups ...

Dolores Promises

One of the most repeated summer sports in boys skateboarding is now increasingly present in women. And why do not you stop being less feminine. So if you like a little risk and adrenaline, this is your sport.


In summer time a lot of parties for both children and adults. Signature gift bodapresent taught to a select group of bloggers how to make a real baby shower. The site chosen was the Hotel Wellington, Madrid and there I could experience firsthand the perfect event whose image is Silvia Casas. Manicure session and tea with some delicious cupcakes copletaron a perfect evening. Silvia Incidentally, I have copied the nude sandals Zara.

Silvia Casas and Marian Way

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