Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic in the blog: the simple if beautiful, two (three) times beautiful ...

Sometimes we do not know what to wear and want to look perfect, sophisticated and glamorous resort to artificioes and above all, a phenomenon present at the wedding and feast days. But how Marilyn looked more beautiful? With your skinny jeans and loafers or pink satin dresses?, The bloggers and have taught us "> how to dress at 20, 30 and 40 ... learn more.

In the company feel better

In the company's combine basic clothing accessories and even basic eye-catching accessories like Jag Lever ago.

A good boss, a good choice

What a difference between a well done piece, with good cut and material, the other not! If simplicity is your style motto do not forget that the basics are timeless sinversiones to make full even cost you much more than a bright pink top fluoride. Beautiful Song of the choice of style.

Adjusting or recharging is not to win

Not always adjust, recharge, meet and entertain a look means adding nothing but take away, run's the risk of stepping on the line sometimes bloggers tread between the natural and the unreal. Konstantina is moving well in both places.

Sometimes distant Heels

Let's cut looks impossible and unthinkable and close and painful heels. Sometimes the plane is what feels best.

Photos | Konstantina , Jaglever , Song of Style , Poise polish

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