Friday, July 6, 2012

Nasty Gal July 2012 lookbook: how easy it is fashionable


Nasty Gal proposes a new style in his latest lookbook of this July 2012: more discreet than the last but just as cool. The black and white once again the pair of fashion in clothes that are far different from what has already seen.

Sleeveless corset incroporado, uneven skirt reminiscent of the Givenchy collection, etc..


Would you dare with a top and a full skirt? Individually perhaps but all together, personally, no. Although I must admit that I love the end result.


And if you do not have the fear of sunburn marks and want to highlight both beach or pool, this might meet your expectations geometric bathing suit. What do you think?


Put some color in your life

But not only white and black living this new collection: fluorine colors are at war and wanting to be the protagonists. The neon yellow invades this look perfect, do you dare him?


Although you may prefer a softer shade like blue neon. I love the detail of the collar full of tacks.


But if you really like flashy garments are tested with these high-waisted leggings printed with Microtop a whole. What do you think?


Like it or not, the proposals of Nasty Gal never leave anyone indifferent ...

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