Monday, July 30, 2012

New styling for Gossip Girl and ... A New Incorporation?


I am desolate at the imminent end of one of my favorite series: Gossip Girl. And is that Chuck Bass is one of the strongest motives that exists to keep believing in the plot (who is with me). Although their styles and what they were we (the girls have matured) that still do not know what that make them unique and desirable. And Serena Van der Woodsen be seen on the streets of the Big Apple again ...

With a look as cool summer: orange top, maxi to the ankles stamped and fabulous (and endless) Christian Louboutin turquoise blue. But who is the girl that precedes it? High there! I like your look and your slippers in camouflage! Is it a new addition? It seems so, and although I have been investigated without success, I will continue my task to discover who is ...


Which of the two you prefer?

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